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Centered on a pioneering system dubbed “The Miracle Machine” by VOGUE magazine, Thursday’s Body Sculpting Services is an advanced treatment utilizing a host of micro-current technologies resulting in effective muscle building, body toning, and weight loss. The innovative treatment utilizes Specific Frequency Signatures, Telomolecular Nano Technology and Constant Wave Morphology, producing an effortless and painless targeted workout that builds muscle, tones and lifts, burns fat, and reduces cellulite.



Builds and tones body muscle, burning fat for a sculpted and lean physique.

  • Build and Firm Up Body Muscles
  • Enhance Metabolic Fat Burning Cells
  • Minimize and Reduce Visible Cellulite
  • Increase Lean Muscle Oxygen Flow

Thursday’s Body Treatments

Body Sculpting Treatment

Micro-currents target muscle building, toning, and inch loss in up to 2 muscle groups. Burn fat, build lean muscle, strengthen, tone and increase stamina in less than an hour. $65

Series of 6 save 10% | Series of 10 save 15%