Whether you desire a relaxing or therapeutic massage, Thursday's offers a wide selection of techniques including deep-tissue, hot stone, Swedish and more. Each style of massage assures tension release, circulation enhancement, and overall wellness. Our knowledgeable therapists can help you determine which technique will be most beneficial for you.




Melt away stress and anxiety with this classic massage that alternates light and firm pressure. Designed to induce relaxation, this massage enhances circulation, increases range of motion and improves overall skin tone.

Half $75 |  Full $95 |  Deluxe $135

Thursday’s Customized Therapeutic Massage

A combination massage that includes features of the Swedish and Deep Tissue massages. Allows client to choose area of focus and relaxation.

Half $75 |  Full $115 |  Deluxe $155

Pregnancy Massage

While paying close attention to you and the needs of your baby, this relaxing massage can aid in circulation and calm and sooth nerves. At a time when you're experiencing extreme physical and emotional changes, a massage is particularly beneficial in promoting overall well-being. Performed only after the first trimester.

Full $115 |  Deluxe $155




Hot Stone

Experience the benefits of deep heat therapy combined with a relieving massage. This therapy uses heated basalt stones while achieving profound relaxation to calm and relieve overworked muscles.

Deluxe $155


This technique is based on theory that specific organs of the body are associated with select reflex points on the feet.

Half $60

Deep Tissue / Sports

A therapeutic, full body massage aimed at relieving specific areas of discomfort and tension. This massage works the connective tissues to help the body achieve maximum physical performance.

Half $75 |  Full $115 |  Deluxe $155