Men's Hair Replacement

Whether your hair loss problem is premature balding, thinning hair or a receding hairline — Thursday's hair specialists can customize a hair restoration solution for you. Our hair replacement systems feel comfortable and natural, allowing you to maintain a carefree, active lifestyle.

Once you've determined non-surgical hair replacement is right for you, our specialists will determine the extent of your hair loss, the direction of growth and shape of the hairline needed. We perform a complete hair analysis to match the exact color, density, texture and curl of your hair. Your hair system is then hand-crafted, strand by strand, using only the finest human hair for a result that is virtually undetectable. 

After the hair replacement system is applied, our expert stylists will give you a custom cut and style. Thursday's hair systems offer the flexibility to color your hair, go longer or shorter and wash and style just like always.

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