Success Stories


Eric is a smart man when it comes to money. As a financial planner, he's helped people improve their finances and create nest eggs for their future retirement. Eric has never judged people by how they look, but he is certain he has missed business opportunities because of his bald palate. Up until a recent high school reunion, this didn't bother Eric very much. Yet a conversation with a family friend changed his opinion when she said he looked older than his very own dad. That did it! Eric did his research and checked in for a consultation with a Thursday's hair replacement specialist. That visit changed his life. Today Eric is seeing his business grow, and he's also found a new confidence to go along with his new hair.


Growing up in a highly competitive environment, Carmen always felt less accepted than her far more athletic and outgoing siblings. She withdrew into her own world, pursuing a love of artistic endeavors. But, Carmen also found comfort in twisting and pulling her own hair out. She would hide this with her trademark hats and bright scarves.

Nearing high school graduation, Carmen began to be recognized for her own achievements and offered scholarships to continue her art studies. As her feelings of self-worth began to grow, it was time to address the "hair issue". That's when Carmen discovered Thursday's. This young woman is now immersed in school, surrounded by new friends, and enjoying a head of hair that she loves to run her fingers through.