Hair Rejuvenation

Laser Hair Rejuvenation may be the ideal solution for men and women who are experiencing the beginning stages of thinning hair and hair loss. Light energy from the low level lasers helps repair damaged hair follicles by increasing blood flow and stimulating cell metabolism. Laser hair therapy offers a noninvasive and completely painless option for hair restoration. Laser Hair rejuvenation can also help prevent future hair loss, improve scalp conditions and repair and improve the quality of the hair shaft.

Low level laser hair therapy has been medically tested for effectiveness and FDA-approved safe. Thursday´s utilizes the most advanced equipment available to maximize the effects of laser hair rejuvenation. Our equipment has an array of 135 laser diodes that target the entire head in just minutes. The lasers give off no heat and provide a gentle, nourishing light therapy using the principle of “Photo-Biostimulation” to progressively improve the appearance of your hair. With a regular treatment plan, results can be seen in 6 − 12 weeks in most cases.

To further improve the results of laser hair therapy we recommend using the HLCC line of hair care products. They feature naturally-derived ingredients, a neutral pH and more than eight active ingredients to complement a laser hair therapy treatment plan and eliminate barriers to new hair growth.

Thursday´s hair loss specialists can determine if laser hair rejuvenation is right for you. After and in-depth hair and scalp analysis our specialists will make treatment recommendations. If you are a candidate for laser hair therapy, we´ll create a personal treatment regimen for you, evaluate your progress, and ensure your satisfaction is in-line with what the treatment can provide.

Thursday´s is conveniently located in the upscale North Los Angeles community of Calabasas.

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