YUKO Hair Straightening

This revolutionary process permanently straightens hair, leaving it smooth, glossy,
and in near virgin condition.


Imagine beautiful straight hair without the hassles of styling, blowouts and frizz. With Thursday’s YUKO Hair Straightening, it could be yours tomorrow. Our patented system changes the internal structure of the follicle for hair that is smooth, glossy, and in near virgin condition.

YUKO Hair Straightening was pioneered in Japan and is effective and safe on all hair types. The straightening treatment requires a few hours in the salon, and your hair can be washed again within a couple days. Once complete, your hair will be permanently smooth and straight, until it begins growing out. Typically YUKO touchups are recommended every 4-6 months.

Thursday’s YUKO Hair Straightening begins with a complimentary hair consultation to determine your individual needs and overall hair condition.

  • Permanently smooths and straightens hair
  • Won't wash out (like other treatments)
  • Touchups recommended every 4-6 months
  • Safe on all hair types
  • Pateneted process
  • Complimentary consultation to determine pricing